Indranil Gupta                                                                         

Professor, Department of Computer Science;
& Affiliate Faculty, Department of ECE, ITI, Beckman Institute;
@ University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.
ACM Distinguished Member, IEEE Senior Member

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PhD Students



  1. Cong Xie (co-advised with Sanmi Koyejo), Graduated 2021. Next Employment: ByteDance, USA.
  2. Faria Kalim, Graduated 2020. Next Employment: Apple, Cupertino CA.
  3. Shegufta Ahsan, Graduated 2020. Next Employment: Amazon, Austin TX.
  4. Shadi Noghabi (co-advised with Roy Campbell), Defended Ph.D. May 2018. Next Employment: Microsoft Research, Redmond WA.
  5. Mainak Ghosh, Graduated 2018. Next Employment: Twitter, San Francisco CA.
  6. Muntasir Raihan Rahman, Graduated Ph.D. August 2016. Next Employment: Microsoft, Redmond WA.
  7. Imranul Hoque, Graduated Ph.D. July 2013. Next Employment: VMWare, Palo Alto, CA. (Currently at Google).
  8. Brian Cho, Graduated Ph.D. October 2012. Defended October 2012. Next Employment: Samsung, Seoul, South Korea, then Research Scientist at Seoul Natl. Univ. (Currently at: Facebook).
  9. Steven Y. Ko, Graduated Ph.D. July 2009, Submitted August 2009. Next Employment (Currently at): Associate Professor, Computer Science and Engineering Department, SUNY-Buffalo (2009-2010 Postdoctorate at CS/ECE Princeton University, 2010-2017 Asst. Prof. at SUNY-Buffalo).
  10. Ramses V. Morales, Graduated Ph.D. June 2009, Submitted August 2009. Next Employment: Postdoctoral Scholar, Xerox Research, Webster NY (then at Pattern Insight. Currently at VMWare).
  11. Jay A. Patel, Graduated Ph.D. May 2009. Defended April 2009. Next Employment: Yahoo!, Champaign (then at Pattern Insight, VMWare, Uber Currently startup founder of Midtype).

Research and Publications

     My research group: Distributed Protocols Research Group(this link will take you out from this website)


What the News/Blog Media thinks about My Research and Work

Professional Service

   Committees/Panels/Sessions Currently or Recently Involved in:
             PC Member: Usenix NSDI 2021, ACM SoCC 2021
             Associate Editor/Editorial Board : ACM Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems (TAAS), IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing (TCC)
             PC Member: ACM/IFIP/Usenix Middleware 2020, ACM SoCC 2020
             Steering Committee, IC2E
             Associate Editor/Editorial Board : ACM Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems (TAAS), IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing (TCC)
             Associate Editor/Editorial Board : ACM Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems (TAAS), IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing (TCC)
             PC Co-Chair: Usenix HotCloud 2018 (with Ganesh Ananthanarayanan)
             PC Member: Eurosys 2018, ACM SoCC 2018, Usenix ATC 2018, IC2E 2018, ICDCS 2018 (Distributed Fault Tolerance and Dependability Track), CCGrid 2018 (Cloud Computing Track), Euro-Par 2018 (Co-chair, Track: Distributed Systems and Algorithms)
             Associate Editor/Editorial Board : ACM Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems (TAAS), IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing (TCC)
             PC Co-Chair: IEEE IC2E 2017 (with Jiangchuan Liu), LADIS 2017 (with Dushyanth Narayanan)
             Associate Editor/Editorial Board : ACM Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems (TAAS)
             PC Member: ACM SoCC 2017, ACM/IFIP/Usenix Middleware 2017, IEEE ICAC 2017, IEEE ICDCS 2017 (Distributed Operating Systems and Middleware Track), IEEE/ACM CCGrid 2017 (Mobile, Hybrid, and Emerging Clouds Track)
             PC Co-Chair: IEEE ICDCS 2016 (Cloud Computing and Datacenters Track) (with Dilma Da Silva), IEEE ICCAC 2016 (with Yixin Diao), DeMiST 2016 (with Fabian Bustamante)

             Associate Editor/Editorial Board : ACM Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems (TAAS)
             PC Member: Usenix ATC 2016, ACM SoCC 2016, IC2E 2016, ICPP 2016 (Applications Track), ICDCN 2016

             PC Member: IEEE CAC 2015, P2P/Edge 2015, SIGCOMM DCC 2015, IEEE IC2E 2015, IEEE ICAC 2015, ICDCS 2015 (Cloud Computing and Datacenters Systems Track)
             Associate Editor/Editorial Board : ACM Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems (TAAS)
             Panelist, IWCA 2015
             Invited Speaker, INFORMS 2015

             PC Co-Chair: IEEE P2P 2014 (with Roger Wattenhofer)
             PC Member: IEEE ICDCS 2014 (Cloud Computing and Datacenter Systems Track), SIGCOMM DCC 2014, ACM SoCC 2014, MTAGS 2014
             Associate Editor/Editorial Board: ACM Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems (TAAS)
             PC Member: ACM SoCC 2013, IEEE P2P 2013, IC2E 2013, ICDCN 2013
             Associate Editor/Editorial Board: ACM Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems (TAAS)
     2012: (Until August 2012, on Sabbatical Leave)
             PC Member: MTAGS 2012, ICDIT 2012
     2011: (On Sabbatical Leave from August 2011)
             PC Member: ICDCS 2011 (Distributed OS and Middleware Track), ICAC 2011, DCDV 2011
             Steering Committee Member: ACM/IFIP/Usenix Middleware 2011
             PC Co-Chair: ACM/IFIP/Usenix Middleware 2010 (with Cecilia Mascolo); IEEE SASO 2010 (with Jerry Rolia and Salima Hassas).
             PC Member: Usenix HotDep 2010; ICDCS 2010 (Distributed OS and Middleware Track); DCOSS 2010; IEEE SECON 2010; EDCC 2010; ICDCN 2010; MTAGS 2010
             PC Member: ACM/IFIP/Usenix Middleware 2009 (Main Track); Industrial track at ACM/IFIP/Usenix Middleware 2009; ICDCS 2009 (Distributed Algorithms Track); Middleware Doctoral Symposium 2009; MTAGS 2009; IEEE SECON 2009; COMSWARE 2009; ICDCN 2009.
             Keynote Speaker, MidSens 2009

              Panelist, Middleware Doctoral Symposium 2009
              Workshops Co-Chair, IEEE SASO 2009
             Track Chair, Cloud Computing Track, SSS 2009
             Associate Vice Chair, Wireless and Mobile Computing Track, ICDCS 2008
             PC Member: ACM/IFIP/Usenix Middleware 2008; IEEE SASO 2008; ICDCS 2008 (Sensor Networks Track); IPTPS 2008; Usenix HotDep 2008; Middleware Doctoral Symposium 2008; MTAGS 2008; MiNEMA 2008; IWSOS 2008.
             Publicity Co-Chair, IEEE SASO 2008
             Awards Chair, ACM PODC 2008
             General Chair, ACM PODC 2007
             Treasurer, ACM NOSSDAV 2007
             Steering Committee Member, ACM PODC 2007
             Track Co-Chair, CEC 2007 Sp. Session Evolutionary Comp.
             PC Member: ACM/IFIP/Usenix Middleware 2007; IEEE SASO 2007; ACM NOSSDAV 2007; SAHNS 2007 (ICDCS 07); IWSOS 2007; I2CS 2007; SIGOPS Oper. Sys. Review Sp. Issue on Gossip-Based Networking.
             Mock Thesis Committee Member, Middleware Doctoral Symposium 2007
  2006 and earlier:
             PC Chair and General Chair, StoDiS 2005
             Panelist, WCW 2004.
             Treasurer, ACM PODC 2006
             PC Member: ACM/IFIP/Usenix Middleware 2006; Usenix HotDep 2006; ICDCN 2006; IEEE MASS 2006; IWSOS 2006.
             NSF Proposal Review Panelist, March 2005 and April 2007.
             Session chair at: ICDCS 05, MASS 05, SDCS 05, NOSSDAV 07, PODC 07 (Industry Sponsored Lunch for Students and Post-Docs), and others.
             Reviewer for several conferences (not listed due to space) and journals (e.g., IEEE TPDS, JSAC, ACM TOCS, JSS, IEEE TSE, ComNets, AdHocNets, Distributed Computing, ACM TOCS, IEEE TMC, etc.).


Awards won by my Graduate Students

>> CV << (Updated April 24, 2021)


Indranil Gupta (Indy) is a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Indy leads the Distributed Protocols Research Group and the BOCCE Cloud Center in the CS Department at UIUC. He works on distributed protocols, with specific focus on large-scale distributed systems such as datacenters and cloud computing systems. Indranil is recipient of the the NSF CAREER award in 2005, the Junior Xerox Award for Faculty Research in 2008, the CAS/Beckman Fellowship in 2009, and the Academy for Entrepreneurial Leadership Faculty Fellowship in 2010. He has won Best Paper Awards at IEEE/ACM CCGrid 2017, IEEE IC2E 2016, IEEE ICAC 2015 and BigMine 2012. Indranil received teaching recognition in the UIUC "List of Teachers ranked as Excellent" multiple times since 2003. He served as General Chair of ACM PODC 2007; PC co-chair at HotCloud 2018, IC2E 2017, ICCAC 2016, DeMIST 2016, ACM/IFIP/Usenix Middleware 2010, IEEE SASO 2010, StoDiS 2005; Track chair at ICDCS 2015; and Associate Track Vice Chair at ICDCS 2008. Previously, Indranil received his PhD in Computer Science from Cornell University in 2004. Recently, during 2011-2012 he spent an awesome year as a full-time Google employee (Visiting Scientist at Google, Mountain View). In the past, he has also worked in IBM Research (T.J. Watson) and Microsoft Research (Cambridge, UK). Indranil obtained his Bachelor of Technology (Computer Science) from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Chennai/Madras, in 1998. He is originally from Hyderabad (India), where he was schooled in St. Patrick's H.S., HPS(R), and LFJC.  He has also been a Gold Medalist at India's National Physics Olympiad, and recipient of India's NTSE Scholarship. Since 2005, Indranil has hosted a music radio show called "East of Zero" on the community radio station WEFT 90.1 FM in Champaign, Illinois.

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