Blue and Orange Cloud Computing Center at Illinois

Mission Statement

The success of cloud computing and its emergence into a multi-billion dollar industry, is driven by innovation in industry and academia, as well as the plethora of open-source systems in use in industry. The design and implementation of cloud computing systems today rely on the past many decades of knowledge and key pieces of wisdom from the areas of distributed systems, operating systems, and networking. At the same time, this new age brings forth new challenges (e.g., scalability, fault-tolerance, geo-distribution, performance, and many others) that require old problems to be revisited and new solutions devised.

The Blue and Orange Cloud Computing Center (BOCCE: spelled as "Bocce" or "Bocci") at Illinois has two parallel missions. First, we undertake research in many areas of cloud computing (which may also be known as "Systems for Big Data") that meet new challenges and new problems, covering several highly-active areas of cloud computing software systems in industry. During this research, we devise new algorithms and techniques, new systems designs, build and deploy new systems. Some of our systems are built from scratch, while others involve changes to industry's popular open-source systems. We also work closely with our industry partners (Microsoft, Yahoo!, VMWare) and with industry-scale open-source companies.

The second mission of the BOCC3 Center is educational. This is two-pronged. First, we offer free online courses every year to students all over the world. There are five such courses offered via Coursera (each course lasting 4 or 5 weeks). These courses are also available as a package under a Cloud Specialization on Coursera. The courses cover cloud computing concepts (distributed systems), cloud applications, and cloud networking. Today, University of Illinois is the only university offering a Cloud Specialization on Coursera. Second, for our on-campus students, we offer multiple courses in areas including distributed systems, operating systems, cloud computing systems, networking, and multimedia. For more information, please visit the Education page.

The BOCCE Center is generously supported by a gift from Microsoft (Azure Team), as well as by the National Science Foundation.


Some Select Research Publications supported by BOCCE (All Publications and PDFs can be found here) :


We are the only university in the world to offer a complete specialization in the area of Cloud Computing on Coursera. For students all over the world, we offer several free and online courses on cloud computing. These courses can be taken a la carte, or as part of a specialization offered by Coursera.

For on-campus students, we offer the following courses:


  • DPRG: Distributed Protocols Research Group

    (Led by Prof. Indranil Gupta)

  • MONET: Multimedia Operating System and Networking Group

    (Led by Prof. Klara Nahrstedt)

  • SRG: Systems Research Group

    (Led by Prof. Roy Campbell)


List the Seminars offered by the relevant groups:


Indranil Gupta
Department of Computer Science
Siebel Center for Computer Science (MC 258)
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Urbana, IL 61801
indy at illinois dawt edu